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Enjoy the flexibility of devising your own personalised study routine with our online courses. Created and delivered by experienced industry practitioners, using IDM (UK) content that is brought to you, exclusively in Asia, by SEQUEBB.

Learn with the best!  The IDM (part of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA UK) – have been advancing the careers of marketers through world-class learning for over 30 years, providing a totally customer-centric learning approach.

Courses are delivered through a combination of online content, live (online) group classroom sessions, one-to-one sessions and recorded Webinars.

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IDM professional qualifications - what's right for you?
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Diploma: Recommended for professionals with approximately 18 months+ experience who want to develop their marketing knowledge and skills

Certificates: Recommended for marketers with some prior experience who wish to develop their expertise in a specific or specialised discipline

Awards: The IDM Awards provide thorough grounding in a chosen subject area. Recommended for those new to marketing or looking to refresh their knowledge in the fundamentals

All syllabus is crafted by the IDM tutors, marketing practitioners, and underpinned by DMA best practise guidance and award-winning case study content.  The full learning portfolio offers study options for individuals and business corporate packages, with short and long study options that include professional qualifications, certificates and awards—everything you need to boost your career, with online learning.

  • Transform your career with the right digital transformation & data-driven marketing online qualifications, certificates & awards.
  • Enhance your skills in working through all channels, direct, digital and social- up-skill to become a true omni-channel marketing specialist.
  • All specialist areas are available as modules – to complement your current knowledge/skill base

IDM Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing – Online

This course will teach you all you need to know about creating an effective omni-channel campaign strategy, bringing together digital and non digital channels. Use templates, processes and real life examples to help you implement your learnings in the office. Bring your channels together for improved ROI, customer experience and brand recognition.


IDM Advanced Certificate in Digital Copywriting

This course will help you achieve your business goals, by writing copy that engages and persuades your audience. Taught online in a live classroom over 10 weeks, with copywriting tasks and individual coaching.

Social Media

IDM Professional Certificate in Social Media

The professional certificate in social media will teach you how to use data to create customer focused social media strategies. You will be taken through the entire lifecycle of developing an overarching social media strategy and a campaign based strategy.


IDM Professional Certificate in European GDPR

This award winning professional qualification course provides DPOs and Senior Marketing Managers with a solid working knowledge of the practical implications of the European GDPR. Validated by the DMA.


IDM Award in Behavioural Economics

Learn how unconscious biases can be harnessed in your marketing campaigns and understand the theory and practice of assembling simple experiments and applying the results.


IDM Award in Content Marketing

Become an expert specialist in content marketing with the skills to confidently develop and manage content marketing campaigns, customer engagement and ROI.


IDM Award in Data & Analysis

Learn how the core principles, concepts and practical applications of data and analytical techniques are used in digital and data-driven marketing.


IDM Award in Data-Driven Marketing

Learn how to put the core principles, concepts and practical applications of direct and digital channels into action and how to plan and evaluate data-driven marketing campaigns.

IDM UK Diploma Online

IDM Award in Digital Marketing

Learn how to put the core principles, concepts and practical applications of digital channels into practice and how to plan and evaluate digital marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

IDM Award in Direct Mail

Learn how to put the core principles, concepts and practical applications of direct mail into action and how to plan, develop and deliver highly targeted and personalised direct mail campaigns.

Communication concept: Hand pressing a letter icon on a world map interface

IDM Award in Email Marketing

Become a specialist in email marketing and gain an understanding of how to plan, create and evaluate effective, ROI-driven email marketing campaigns.


IDM Award in SEO and PPC

Learn how to confidently build Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns that optimise your organic search results and paid search performance.


IDM Award in Marketing

If you are new to marketing, or looking to strengthen your understanding of best-practice marketing fundamentals, this course is for you.


IDM Award in the European GDPR

The Award in GDPR will give you a clear understanding of the main legal requirements and information to make sure your European marketing activities involving personal data are compliant to the GDPR and DPA18.

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